Have you have ever experienced dry skin?

Just wait. You are about to love me…keep reading.

At any one point in time you could open a cabinet in my bathroom and find no less than 12 bottles of lotion. All different. All banished to the cabinet because the smell was too strong, the fragrance irritated my sensitive skin, or they just seemed to go on and disappear instead of soaking into my skin.

I tried all the hypo-allergenic lotions, ones my doctor prescribed and my lovely husband even purchased me one of those “As Seen on TV “Miracle Cracked Heels” products for my birthday one year.  BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER.  Joking.  He has been trying to make up for this ever since.

Seriously though, overall the goal was to nourish my poor skin and nothing was actually doing that!

Not even the miracle heel cream!

Just to be clear my heels were really a major problem.  I probably bought 6 or more specific products just for that one extra dry area. I bought pummis stones, that electronic thing that spins and like sandpaper and scrapes off your dry skin. You name it. I’ve tried it.

I was embarrassed to wear shoes with no backs, go barefoot or even go to get a pedicure!  That can be a major problem in the summer obviously!  I used to have significant cracks in my heels that hurt constantly.  I was really feeling like I was out of options.

A few years ago I started looking at ways to live more naturally, reduce the chemicals in our home and that go on our bodies. Who doesn’t want to live a more natural life?

I started using essential oils and also looking at the products in my home that I could make to replace the products I didn’t really like all that much anyway.  Making lotion was at the top of list.

And guess what happened?! I found an amazing Whipped Body Butter recipe and then added some of my favorite oils that I knew were skin soothing and would promote healthy skin!

Best Whipped Body Butter

I had not intended to use it on my heels but I kept it by my bed and decided to try it on my feet one night.  I did this for just a few nights and noticed an INCREDIBLE difference.  Like freak out moment to my husband.

My heels were soft and smooth and the cracking and dryness was gone.

Consistency of lotion is hard to “get right” when comparing to store bought and some people are not a fan of that “oily” feeling when lotion goes on.  This one is a little oily as it goes on but the feeling goes away quickly and you are left with that amazing feeling of nourished skin!

If you can relate with any of this, please try this amazing recipe!  If you have awesome personal care recipes you have had success with we hope you will share your email with us so we can give you one of the first opportunities to share your recipes on our new site!

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