So many times in life we charge forward with things and then we stop and wonder…why in the world did I do that?!  Or how did I possibly get here?

This is NOT one of those cases.

Who are we?

Let’s start here.

First of all, we love Jesus. We are sisters, we are best friends.  We are both mothers of little ones.  We are career oriented, focused, and driven.  We are also called to be creators.  We dream up ideas that we know will change people’s lives!

Then we stall.  We stop short.  At least that’s what I always thought.  Now it has become clear that all that time it was just God saying, not yet.  That’s not what I have in store for you.  Something better is coming.

We love people, we love sharing, we love caring. We are striving to live a fulfilled life of joy that we share with those we love and we humbly pray we help even one other person or family experience that same thing in life.

Why did we start using essential oils?  

Very often you go through an experience (or multiple) in life that changes you, deep down.

For both of us that was becoming mothers.  It was a life altering experience. There are so many other experiences, this was just ours specifically. So much joy and yet so much fear and uncertainty.

Am I cut out for this?  Am I doing this right!?  Will I ever sleep again?  How did I make such a perfect human?

We both thought we were somewhat health conscious before kids, but it has become clear we didn’t know what that meant exactly!

Now, this precious gift needed nutrition and care and we were going to give them the very best, the most natural options as God had intended.

Sounds great, but there was a problem…

What in the world is best for them? There is so much conflicting information about everything.  There is also labeling that is misleading and adverting that takes misleading to another level.  It was a constant struggle, time consuming and we had a general feeling of not being informed, having a lack of control and feeling, well, helpless and scattered.

We were both at a place where we had two kids each, we didn’t know what we were doing still, but we were fighting like crazy to do what was best.  We were falling short though.  Our health and our emotional wellness was failing and our families were suffering.  All our worrying and label reading, and vegetable buying and germ avoiding and we were still not experiencing the wellness we wanted for our families.

So FINALLY, insert essential oils.

We both used them causally and not consistently.  Then we started watching a friend.  One who inspired us by the way she was living and loving on her family. She was making her own products, using natural alternatives and putting off an aura of calm and in control while we were spiraling downward at mock speed. We tried a roller here and there and then we both had separate and totally different Ah-Ha!!! moments that made us stop and say these are worth whatever it takes to get them in our homes.  So we did.  We bought each other Young Living Premium Starter Kits as gifts and we never looked back.

This journey has truly simplified our lives, and made us healthier and happier.

Why Young Living?

You might as well ask, why do you drink water?

Initially, I would say we chose Young Living because that happened to be the brand our inspiring friend was using.  It was really so much more than that though.  We trusted her and knew she was very careful with her choices and decisions.  We then both started learning all we could about oils, how they work, why the work, their sourcing, and their purity.

Young Living is an incredible company with an incredible story.  They take all the questions and guess work out of providing what’s best for your family, because they are constantly striving to provide the most pure and authentic oils and products.

They are the only company to offer a Seed to Seal production process that is painstaking, intricate and truly beautiful in the way they care for the quality of the process and most importantly the final product.

Why Essential RecipEase?

Do any of these resonate with you?

We made this for the person who:

  • Is a mommy who feels she is too busy to take on ONE more thing
  • Wants to offer more natural alternatives for their family
  • Feels like they are making the lesser of the two evil choices constantly
  • Is sacrificing what they know is best for their family because of what society is telling them to do
  • Wants to get the toxins out of their home
  • Needs to boost immunity and improve overall physical and emotional wellness
  • Thinks it’s too complicated and they’ll never figure it out
  • Assumes it’s too expensive and there is no room in the budget
  • Is already a natural living guru who is into wellness, natural cleaning, essential oils and aromatherapy user but struggles to keep up with favorite DIY, topical, or diffuser recipes
  • Has recipes saved on 4 devices, 6 difference programs, 2 notebooks and various scraps of paper never to be found when needed
  • Spends too much time searching for recipes, taking away time with family or using up time that could be used for sleeping!
  • Loves making new recipes but cries when they waste precious oils on less than stellar Pinterest finds
  • Can never remember how to make the last wonderful concoction they made

These were all struggles for us and we feel passionate about helping others who can relate to even one of the above to see there is another way!

With this resource we are building a platform to provide solutions for everything here. Breaking down barriers, making this way of life more accessible for everyone – whether you want to make a few small changes, or change it all up!

Simple, fun.  Two words we LOVE!

We want everyone to know and realize that using essential oils can be easy.  We want you to have information and tools to incorporate them into your lives at your fingertips!

Our families pray that will truly help everyone embrace a new path to wellness.


Mary Elise and Lauren is your ultimate essential oil and natural living recipe resource. Search, rate, save and organize your favorites in your virtual recipe box.


If you would like to purchase oils, please be sure to contact a distributor you know, or the person who sent you to this website. If you don’t have or know a provider, you can visit us here and we’ll be happy to help!

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