Do you think DIY products are too complicated?

Do you make awesome, safe, homemade alternatives for your family and then forget what you put in the mix?

Do you want to cry when you make a recipe with your precious oils or organic products and it’s  just “bleh”.  And although you are ultimately saving money, those 10 drops of Frankincense that cost you $3.90 might as well be $390?

We are going to help you.


Your features coming very soon:

  • Search for diffuser, cleaning, personal use, roller bottle and other natural recipes
  • User ratings (so you don’t waste a drop of your supplies)
  • A Recipe Box to save your favorites or add your own
  • A Virtual Oil Shelf of your oils…filter against what you have available (so you’re only finding things you can actually make! that very second!)

Here’s a sneak preview…

1. Search easily with the quick search or advanced filters

2. View ingredients, detailed instructions and ratings

3. Save your favorites in your very own Recipe Box

4. Keep track of your oil stash on your Virtual Oil Shelf

5. Enter your own recipes and keep them to yourself or share with the world!

Check out our other blog posts for some good recipe and essential oil references while we refine your ultimate recipe resource!

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