Why did you start using essential oils?

Is there something that stops you from using them (more) now?

For me, I wanted to promote overall wellness in my family.

But there was a problem.  And we have a solution.

Here was my dilemma:

Did I have time to add one more thing to my busy schedule?  Between young kids and a full-time job, just didn’t seem feasible. Then I realized it would be worth it compared to the time and money we were spending on not being well.

I started with a starter kit, seems simple enough right? But, actually, I just diffused lavender for a while.  Still great.  Then I found some more recipes, including some roller bottles and I was hooked, until:

  • Searching for Recipes: After night 62 of laying in bed, spending hours on Facebook groups, Google scrolling for days, blogs out the wazoo, Pinterest pin clicking and saving and clicking and saving…I started to wonder if I was really saving time.  Can you relate?  I still enjoyed it, but felt there had to be a better way!
  • Rating: Next, I fell into the trap of analyzing recipes after finding them. Judging the recipe by looks alone, which we all of course know does not work in any situation, ever. I would find similar recipes and compare the differences and wonder and compare some more with no actual basis for comparison in most cases.  Then there was the time I poured 20 drops of liquid gold (I mean Frankincense) into a recipe for a facial toner with apple cider vinegar that I immediately regretted.So here’s the kicker, have you ever looked at cost per drop of oils? Young Living for example:Cost Per Drop:  Frankincense is 29 cents per drop, Lavender is 9 cents per drop.  Now, that’s a deal in my mind……BUT IF the recipe I use $3 in doesn’t work or smells terrible, I’m going to cry.
  • Saving: Keeping the recipes I loved. Some failed strategies:
    • Started with a notebook.  Notebook stolen by my 4 year old and never to be found again.
    • Emailed myself, boring! Felt like work.
    • Trello board.  Love Trello, but again, I use it for work so I would see my work to-do-list and panic.
    • Notes on phone, but one update gone wrong and all were gone.
    • Saved images to my camera roll, Pinterest saves, OH MY!They were everywhere and nowhere when I needed them.  Every time I ran out of a concoction the cycle basically just started over again.

Insert the idea for EssentialRecipEase.com….

…Search. Rate. Save.

I realized I could not be the only one experiencing these issues, so I started asking around and found so many other in the same boat.  My sister (who started oils with me at Christmas) was on board to help create something that just works better.

Do not get me wrong, there are loads of amazing essential oil resources available from books to apps to bloggers to organizations specializing in oils.  I am so grateful for all of them and use many of them daily.

But, we needed something more:

We needed a better resource.

We needed THIS resource.

We hope EssentialRecipEase.com and our database of user submitted and reviewed recipes will serve and support you on your journey.

  • Provide your email address and we’ll be sure to update you when we have these awesome features:
    • Recipe Database: Thousands of reliable recipes with ratings so you know you aren’t wasting precious oils!
    • Virtual Recipe Box: Save your favorites for easy access next time you need to make them or share with your team
    • Virtual Oil Shelf: Keep track of what oils you have now and what you need!  And best of all…filter your search with your shelf so you can make what you need NOW!
  • Become a MixOilogist when all the features are available to access all the goodies
  • Let us know if you need any more info at hello@essentialrecipease.com

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