Have you ever researched deodorant?

I did, when I was pregnant. After you read this, just take a moment to look into some of the ingredients in your deodorant.  You know those chemicals are being absorbed into your skin, right?

And, hopefully, you are using this personal care product every day.  This was a product I decided to swap and switch early in my more natural journey.

And I wonder if you’ll agree with me…

I never felt like any of the store-bought deodorants really worked anyway. And then I tried the “natural” ones and it was BAD. They say it takes some time for your body to detox off your chemical-laced products, so that’s why they don’t seem to work. Baloney. Or Bologna?

Anyway, my sister convinced me of this recipe when she said her husband was using it and loved it! I was skeptical, but now 5 years later, still using it. I’m saving money and not applying chemicals directly to my body.

Homemade Natural Deodorant

– Equal Parts Organic Coconut Oil (not the liquid kind), Baking Soda, Corn Starch
– A few drops of your favorite essential oils (I did 5 drops lavender for 1 cup each above + 1 drop peppermint)
– I hear tea tree is also helpful to your deodorant goals (update: I tried Tea Tree, it’s great!!)

You just melt the coconut oil, drop in the ingredients, stir and let them harden back up. You can buy empty deodorant containers, but I just use a cute jar and a spoon to scoop it out, it’s better coverage that way.

Warning: Be careful traveling with this!  Put in a leak-proof container because melting happens above a certain temperature (sorry I don’t know what that is, but I think it’s around 74 degrees, which is the “energy saving” temperature my husband likes in the summer and my lovely deodorant gets mushy.  He’s decided to keep the heat at 66 this winter, so my deodorant more than perfect…).

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