You’re reading this, so you are already taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle!

Keep reading to see more simple steps to get started on an amazing journey.

Did you know….

  • Essential oils can support all the systems in your body?
  • You can replace all your cleaning and personal care products with natural safe and effective alternatives?

If you’re already using essential oils, stay tuned, we can help make your current journey super efficient, simple and fun…

Step 1:  Research

If you’re not living the chemical free and natural lifestyle, great news!  You can start small, by making small changes day-by-day in your thinking and actions.

Maybe you just found this post randomly, or an oily or natural living friend sent you here.  You may or may not be convinced that you even need to make any changes. Here is where the research step starts, we encourage you to:

  1. Look under your sinks and in your cabinets.  Read the labels.
  2. Head over to the Environmental Working Group page and search some of the ingredients –

Like us, you might be shocked, mad, frustrated.  And then, completely clueless about what to do next.

That takes us to the next step…

Step 2: Toss the Toxins

The crazy truth is that most people are applying about 300 chemicals on their body each day.

That’s not including the chemicals we are exposed to out in the world. We are unknowingly, applying that many chemicals by way of personal care, beauty products and even makeup!

Then don’t get me started on cleaning products, but we have a suggestion for that too…

Get a big trash bag ready and get moving on Step 3.

Step 3: Replace with Confidence

The awesome thing about essential oils is that they can replace pretty much every chemical in your home.

The important thing is to use the highest quality oils to ensure you are really kicking the toxins and getting pure oils without additives or chemicals. You really do not need a huge variety of essential oils to get started.

If someone introduced you to essential oils (and maybe even referred you to this site) please reach out to them. They can share with you the best way to get started with essential oils!

If you do not have someone to help you get started please reach out and let us know, email You can also check out the essential oils we use and trust here and we can help you get started.

In addition to a base of essential oils you can stock up on a few natural products needed for all those DIY products!  A comprehensive list of our favorites coming soon…

The coolest thing is that you do not have to sacrifice effectiveness when you choose a more natural alternative.  In some cases the effectiveness is actually improved and then couple that with the additional benefits to your wellness you are going to be blown away! This takes us to the next step.

You need a reliable place to find these recipes and alternatives…

Step 4: Use this Resource to Save Time &  Stay Organized

Here you’ll find other oil users, providing real feedback so you can make informed decisions! Then you’re not wasting your precious oils by blindly following random recipes you are finding online.

When you set up an account you are going to have all of these time saving, super fun tools at your finger tips:

  • Advanced search options and filtering. Filter by usage type, category or type of oil
  • Virtual oil shelf to keep up with what you have and what you need as well as the ability to find recipes for the specific oils you have
  • MAGICAL ability to search for all the recipes in the Essential RecipEase database by your entire oil shelf!  So you can find ONLY the recipes you can make with the stash of oils you have on hand.
  • SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.  Yes, we said it. You can save all these amazing recipes in your own virtual recipe box to refer to later and time and time again as you need to replenish something you love)
  • Add your own recipes!  We need you and the magical concoctions you’ve been using all these years.  Share the love with our community!
  • Ability to make comments and rate all of the things you try

So now the only thing left to do is get started!  CLICK HERE to register and become an Essential RecipEase member today! We cannot wait to have you join the family!

Step 5: Share with Others

Now that you know that you cannot live without this resource and you’re wondering how you survived for so long, please share this with others.  They will be so grateful you did. As a member you can even gift them an account to try it out for themselves!  They will LOVE you for it!

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