So, as I set out to write this, I wonder…

seriously how many times a day am I using these puppies!?

If you’re anything like me, you think about them often and you’re always daydreaming about whipping up your next concoction! 

I started using essential oils about a year ago. My sister and I bought each other a starter kit for Christmas. 

Life changed forever. 

Over the past year, I have watched people using oils for all kinds of awesome things, but I secretly always wanted to follow those people around for a full day just to see how they incorporate them into their daily lives.  

I want to know what I don’t know about. What am I missing out on! 

I’ll start at bedtime…well because I’m laying here now at 11:00pm at night. Should be sleeping but missed my 6 am kickboxing class so I did the 7pm…I won’t be doing that again!  Wide awake and feeling sore already.

Insert #1- Panaway blend roller to the back of the legs, how can I already be sore less than 4 hours later?

#2- Sweated out an ocean so quick shower before bed, foaming face wash with Lavender and Frankincense is the first thing I ever made and I will forever love it.

#3- Homemade body soap with Peace & Calming, amazing. 

#4- Next I dry off and rub on the most amazing whipped body butter with Lavender and Frankincense again, because they are that good. 

#5- Then for that special area in my midsection where the two babies lived and grew for a bunch of months and now just needs to stop looking like it does…cellulite cream. Consists of mostly just a bunch of Grapefruit oil with coconut oil.  Then I just read about Lavender and Frankincense for stretch marks, so I added a few drops of each and rubbed it on and said a little prayer. 

#6- Next up. Teeth! Aromobright tooth paste is the bomb. It has lots of great oils like the amazing Thieves blend. I also added a drop of Orange to help brighten up my smile a bit.

#7- Favorite nighttime diffuser blend, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Lavender- in diffuser now and sending an amazing aroma into my life! 

#8- Hubby has been a little puny the past few days, he also has a throat “tickle” that is counteracting with my sleep time diffuser blend (#7).  So, on goes some RC on his chest to soothe that.

#9-Tickle is gone like basically immediately and is replaced with other sounds of his slumber that are still disturbing mine, so no joke, snuck some Valor on each of his big toes.

So now I’m off to sleep, I’m pretty shocked I’m already at #9. Let’s see where the day takes us tomorrow! 

Hoping to get to 24 uses…

Awake!  Used my tooth paste and face wash but I won’t count those again.

Girls are up, breakfast is cooking, a little fighting over a ball they both want, me getting a little stressed because I need to start working and I have to make lunches and get everyone ready and get myself ready and I start panicking, but I keep going and forgot about my oils for a second…then I get in the car with all kids and ALL the bags and I reach over and open up my little oil carrying case and I slather Valor oil ALL.OVER. So that is #10 and should have happened about two hours earlier than it did.

Side note but funny.  My four-year-old daughter found some mini M&M’s and was sitting under our table with them at some point in the above mayhem.  On the way to school she says, I didn’t eat any M&M’s mommy like you said.  I told her I was proud of her.  A few seconds go by…”Does God see under tables?”  So busted!  Then she said her nose was growing but it’s just because she’s getting bigger…

#11- M&M’s were ingested, so out of respect for her teachers I put a couple drops of Peace & Calming on my homemade car diffuser (a little fabric flower glued to a clothes pin)

I head from the school to visit my grandmother who is in a care facility.  I always spray and little Purification mixed with distilled water to freshen and brighten the room up! #12!

#13- I visited a minute and sit down to start working on my laptop and rolled on a Focus blend (a mixture of Lemon, Cedarwood and Vetiver) with a carrier oil.

A little more whipped body butter for my dry hands, but again I won’t count duplicates.

#14- Refilled my water for the day and added my Grapefruit Vitality, now the water is really going down! Delicious!

#15- This actually happened a couple times already in the day and I just remembered so it’s going here, but applied my homemade lip balm made with Stressaway oil.

Lunch, quick chat with hubby.

#16- Sat back down to get back to work. Looked up a new concentration blend and tried Cypress with Peppermint and few others. I usually diffuse floral scents, but this was so good and I marked a lot off of my “To Do” list! 

So now we are at early afternoon and I’m seven more uses away from 24.  We will see!  

#17- Totally just remembered I’ve used my Thieves cleaner spray at least 6 times before and after breakfast and lunch and bathroom counters this am!

#18- Hubby picked girls up from school and the first thing that happens when they get in the car…GERMS BE GONE. Handmade germ be gone spray!

Speaking of girls at school, our 4-year-old just can’t get with the whole sleeping on the floor thing.  The first day of preschool, the teacher set up all the mats and she looked up at her and said, “what are those?” the teacher said, “Mats for naptime” and our daughter proceeds to inform her “I DO NOT sleep on the floor, I sleep in a bed”. After three months of our child being the only one not napping it occurred to me that I use Sleepyize on her at home during bedtime and why not try that?  I made a roller and asked her teacher if they would use it at school on her and they were very happy to try it!  That very same day she napped. So, my #19 is Sleepyize roller at naptime!

#20- Girls get home and Summer is nearing the end and I feel like a bad parent who has not done so many summer things with them, so we have our own water day!  We must apply our sunscreen that is chocked full of essential oils.

#21- We also live in the South and if you’re outside that means bugs, so we spray our Bug Be Gone spray with Lemongrass, Citronella and Peppermint and a few others.

There is a crazy time between at home play time and dinner that are just a blur, but we eat and we love each other and all is well!

#22- Bath time!  Made some fabulous soaps over the weekend that make me so happy!  They are Soothing Skin soaps with Purification and Lavender and coconut and clear glycerin soap bases, a little plastic fishy and I even got fancy and added some blue mica to the coconut base.  The kids love them, but I think I love them more!

#23- Threw a drop of Lavender in the tub too to introduce a little calm into the situation!

Wait what!?  I’m at #24.  This one will just have to be kid’s bedtime oil routine all in one.  So, we applied diluted Thieves on their feet to support immunity, Sleepytime blend (Lavender and Cedarwood) or cough blend (RC), and we most nights diffuse Sleepyize in our 4-year old’s room.  So, I made it a little past  24 and now we are back at my bedtime where we started.  I’ll probably do something a little different tomorrow and maybe I’ll use some of my other concoctions and any of my other 15 rollers depending on my moods or needs the next day.  But there it is!  My last 24 hours and the 24 uses of essential oils! All of these recipes and so many more will be available soon right here on this site! We are so pumped to be able to bring you this resource that simply came from a need we had to be able to use our own oils for ourselves and our families while saving time, effort and money!

We would love for you to share your email address with us so you can submit your favorite blends and recipes so we can add them to our database of recipes that will be coming soon!  We absolutely cannot wait to share this resource with you and we need your help to make it great!  Please take a second to send us your email address so you can be the first to know everything!

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